Water & Gas Pipe Locating

We work with plumbers, developers, builders, contractors, excavation companies, and homeowners in the Mornington Peninsula and locate Water & Gas Pipes for them before they execute excavation works.

Water & Gas Pipes form an essential part of the infrastructure, and not only Australia has laws to protect it but also penalises those who damage it. 

Whether it is for landscaping or for any other purpose, taking care of the underground utility pipes is of utmost importance.


At Mornington Jetting, we are rooting for you! As experts in the industry, we are aware of the know-how of every aspect of plumbing. And, with access to the latest technology along with the right techniques developed over a whopping 30 years, we make sure to do the right thing. 

We are known for high standards of workmanship and envision to continue providing the first-class service to all our clients. Our mission is to utilize our expertise and knowledge to provide end-to-end plumbing solutions, especially the most critical services that require prowess.

If you are planning excavation works, get in touch with our expert team so you can dig it up without getting penalised and save up on personal/business expenses that may arise at a later stage. Give us a call today!